Safeguarding Contacts - Report a Safeguarding Concern

Safeguarding in our Parish – who’s who? 

The Parish Priest

Name                                                                                    Contact number

 Father Clive Jones                                                                               01634 711019

The churchwardens 

Helen Walker                                                                                           01474 396569

Teresa Joblin                                                                                             07956 336134

The Parish Safeguarding Officer

Tracey Jerome                                                                                          07941 463944

The team of licensed/accredited ministers

Do you know who else holds positions of trust/authority in your church?

 Father Andrew Davis – Assistant Honorary Priest

Hall manager and bookers

Liz Croker                                                                                                      07811 028803

Who co-ordinates work in your church related to

children, young people, adults at risk

Nancy Hugues – Junior Church                                                           07582 468469

Parish Policies regarding Safeguarding are on the Parish Policies page.

Signed Parish Safeguarding Policy.docx.pdf